End of the 1980s

We are the first office in Pernambuco to be a part of the Attorney Society Study Center (Portuguese acronym, CESA).
We have bridged Brazil’s Northeast and Southeast, and we begin to establish a dialogue with the greatest attorney societies of the country.
Being pioneers is part of our history

December 29, 1983

Our office is established.
This is not only an entrepreneurial milestone but also a professional one for our founder, Joao Humberto Martorelli.
His trailblazing spirit as well as his commitment and passion for the law are our cornerstones.


Our office leaves behind the “boutique” format to get to the same level of complexity of the attorney societies that have been better prepared to serve clients on a large scale and in more diverse areas of law.
We achieve the leadership of the sector in the Northeast, and we are the first office of the region to offer comprehensive service.


With an audacious expansion plan, the quality of the services already rendered by our office in Recife is taken to capitals like Salvador, Joao Pessoa, Maceio, and Sao Paulo.
Our team expands from six to more than one hundred office partners.


Now we are the 15th greatest law firm in the country, and we established ourselves as a benchmark when it comes to law.
We progress from handling three thousand cases to thirty thousand cases, all in the same outstanding manner we always have.


Our global operations, involving the support of multiple causes in countries overseas, make up the different activities we perform.
We advocate for our clients’ best interests whenever and wherever legal intervention is required.


We embrace change. Drawing from our team’s diverse talent, we create a multidisciplinary subsidiary in order to focus exclusively on start-up businesses.
Project ShortCut is created with the goal of placing the Northeast of Brazil on the radar of world investments.
We establish ourselves more and more as business attorneys.


We are ahead of our time, and we are the first office in Brazil to use Google’s Artificial Intelligence.
Our AI is a technological compass that points to the best direction for business growth.

Growth and social responsibility

The growth we have reached walks side by side with the principles of the social function of law and of the ethical exercise of the profession, which live in our daily operations. Both restless and active, we work to transform and improve realities. To that end, we get involved with the most diverse social causes, and we approach our commitments with the same passion that we grew our business. We created the projects Equal by the Law and Longevity, incorporating diversity in law firms in our region to honor our commitment to promote a greater participation of black and senior citizen professionals in the legal field. In addition, during the difficult times brought by the pandemic, we launched project Solidary Connection, which utilizes our partnership network resources to support social causes. We dedicated our early efforts to the quilombolas and their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.