Areas of expertise

The relationships we build with our clients grow into real partnerships. We speak the same language, we understand our clients’ cases and challenges, and we anticipate their needs by practicing law with a view of the future. Thus, at the end of the day, our clients can be certain that when they are ready to take the next step, we will be there waiting for them.

Our responses are swift and intelligent. We act on a comprehensive scope of cases, and we are always ready to respond to our clients’ most diverse needs. Our clients can count on our whole team regardless of whether their needs are related to general matters of law or business, or to more specific matters.



Everything we do is focused entirely on our clients and their needs. For that reason, more than two decades ago, we created a department dedicated to serve unions, associations, and the individual interests of government employees (at the federal, state, and municipal level), which allows us to offer the most effective legal counselling nationwide, by focusing on each case in a personalized manner.

To provide this high level of support, our Administrative Law team features a group of highly professional and experienced attorneys in the field with the goal to actively participate in each case and provide the value of service that our clients expect and that are essential to them. 

We set the benchmark with our performance in contention matters, supporting individual and collective cases that aim to ensure government employees’ rights and warranties, including pay rise claims; reissuance of court-issued registered warrants and and RPV’s; qualification of heirs; claims against illegal restrictions of additional payments, gratifications, indemnity; and claims against irregular incidence of taxes on government employees’ salaries and subsidies. Our expertise in this legal area has given us consolidated representation before State and Federal Courts all over the country, as well as the Superior Court of Justice, and the Supreme Court, where we debate cases defending our clients’ constitutional rights.  

In addition to the services we render to government employees, this department is a benchmark in legal support when it comes to the structure and procedures that serve as a model for projects in the public sector, including bids, concessions, and public-private partnerships, providing support in all aspects of administrative law.  

Our constant investment in technology keeps us one step ahead of our competitors by allowing us to anticipate scenarios and act more assertively in all legal cases. We ensure excellence in the cases we handle through the use of “Gestão 360°,” which has a center dedicated to providing customer service, requests management, a case follow-up system, and legal controllership.

Environmental Law

We know that human growth may cause significant impacts on the environment. However, companies need to grow and develop to generate wealth to those involved and to society as a whole.

As environmental law attorneys, our goal is to offer our clients - businesspeople and public administrators - safe acting parameters, which involve guidance on activities subject to environmental licensing with the competent environmental control agencies; procedures for the elaboration of EIA/RIMA (Environmental Impact Studies); and professional support in the administrative and judicial areas.

Our environmental team is made up of professionals who are highly specialized in this area and who are always up-to-date on all pertinent developments, who possess the expertise and know-how to identify and minimize the risks, and who allow for our clients' companies to grow.

Consumer Civil Litigation

Consumer profiles have changed and such change requires that companies have a greater understanding of consumer sales processes and strengthen their client relationships. As consumers become increasingly informed, company business dynamics need to be adjusted.  

To meet the needs of our clients in this changing field, our Consumer Litigation team is made up of dedicated groups of professionals who specialize in specific market sectors and in our own clients’ specific needs. The wisdom in our way of operating lies in our thorough understanding and analysis of our clients’ businesses; their relationship with their consumers through the company’s multiple communication channels, contracts, service contract terms, and documentation; and of all stages involved in the sales of goods and services.

Our areas of expertise go beyond legal consulting. The Consumer Litigation team uses a model of process management based on data analysis and a methodology applied to the development of our clients’ businesses by both identifying the root causes of litigations and by developing strategies to prevent them. 

Our Consumer Litigation team is supported by a robust management group, which aids with the feeding of the office management system and the clients’ data processing system, to obtain screenshots and documents to support the defense, and add and keep the data pertaining to judicial claims updated according to the criteria defined by our client.

The team is highly focused on superseding all goals, and it has very well-defined strategic plans that aim to reduce the number of lawsuits faced by our clients and the costs that lawsuits incur. The success of this strategy is evident in our metrics and success indicators as well as settlement mediation numbers. These indicators are presented periodically to our clients through dynamic reports and dashboards, which not only help them understand the information being released but also allows for the monitoring of the results distributed through various indicators, which assists with decision-making, analysis and business intelligence.

General Civil Litigation

Challenges are a part of companies’ and organizations’ daily routine. To solve such challenges, our General Civil Litigation team is made up of highly trained and experienced attorneys who are familiar with the vast range of complexities involved with the variety of civil law cases in the country. 

Our team has provided legal consulting in lawsuits resulting in the highest compensation payments in the country. Our practice also handles the administration of large liabilities with financial institutions in general and administrative litigation with regulatory agencies (Central Bank of Brazil, CVM, ANS, and ANTAQ, among others).

The team’s main differential is the individualized treatment of each case by assigning highly specialized professionals who work to provide our clients with thorough service. We serve some of the largest Brazilian corporations, multinational companies, and companies in the main economic segments of the country.

We serve three major segments: a) Judicial Litigation, covering all sponsorship and management of highly complex civil cases, which have a high value or high reflection in society in general; b) Administrative Litigation, before regulatory agencies; and c) Arbitration, involving all discussions of contracts submitted to arbitration.


We live in a world where change happens quickly and frequently and companies need to have even quicker solutions to maintain their growth and market share— all that without losing legal certainty. Keeping that in mind, our Corporate Law team is comprised of attorneys and consultants who specialize in contracts, merger and acquisition, estate and succession planning, corporate restructuring, investment structuring (domestic and foreign), private public partnerships, project finance, intellectual property, LGPD (the Brazilian equivalent to GDPR), and digital law.

This integration and expertise, along with our vast experience in legal counselling and investment structuring of companies and industrial centers is key to our team’s ability to provide thorough and customized service aligned with our clients’ specific needs, regardless of the area served, the market sector, or any other specifics or particularities. Our main goal is to offer the best solution to carry out our clients’ business deals.  

In order to respond to such demands, we have developed and work exclusively with our in-house talents, offering creative and efficient legal solutions to ensure that business deals are carried out effectively, whether it is achieved through private equity, general funding, M&A, or private public partnerships.


In a society that focuses increasingly on sustainability and on an energy market that attracts national and international investments, it is necessary that companies stay up-to-date and ready to deal with the opportunities and risks brought by each sector.  

The Energy sector presents specific risks and is strongly affected by external factors, such as political, legal, economic, and socio-environmental factors. The structure of energy projects is quite complex and the development and financing of these projects require careful risk analysis and sound legal advice.

We specialize in the energy sector and in the energy industries that support it. We have vast experience supporting companies that act in the multiple industries of this sector: the ones that generate, transmit, distribute, and commercialize. Our experience allows us to offer extensive legal advice to clients in the Energy sector, acting in all phases of their projects, from structuring to eventual administrative litigation before the regulatory agency (ANEEL), and judicial cases which require extensive knowledge of the sector.

In addition to serving the traditional structure of the electrical industry, we serve the components of the basic industry that serves important segments of thermal generation, from the prospecting phase, exploration rights, bidding, and transportation, to marketing, contracts, and conflicts between parties.

The objective of our Energy Law team is to offer our clients safe parameters of action, involving guidance on the development of highly regulated activities that are affected by a complex set of standards and legislation that encompass several legal aspects, including tax, administrative, and environmental. We are prepared to act in complex disputes, including both national and international arbitrations.

Our service is focused on the development of our clients' business, and, to this end, we operate on the most diverse fronts to assist our clients in their participation in bids, regulated auctions, contracts in the free environments (PPAs), distributed generation, preparation and negotiation of sector-specific contracts, structuring of companies and related corporate aspects, mergers and acquisitions of the sector, dispute resolution, and the regulatory and environmental tax issues of these projects.

Family Law

It is very common for us to wish that everything happens in a logical manner. However, randomness is the rule, and the unexpected can take us by surprise. Such is life, and this universal law also applies to legal matters, especially in the area of family law.

When it comes to Probate and Family Law, most issues arise without notice or planning, resulting in issues that can greatly and negatively impact the personal lives and the estate of the parties involved.

Probate and family law can be a particularly difficult area in which to be effective.The lack of knowledge regarding the rules involving this area of law, together with the lack of preventive counseling, and sometimes planning, contributes to the emergence of issues that could be avoided. To make matters even worse, everything that involves litigation in Probate and Family Law involves great emotional distress among the litigants.  

Thus, conflict prevention and resolution are crucial services offered by our Probate and Family Law team.

On the other hand, if litigation is inevitable, our team acts with excellence in cases that need to be taken immediately to the judiciary, in order to guarantee the rights of our clients and/or their dependents. Our attorneys are specialists in the most diverse legal cases involving Probate and Family Law, such as contested divorce, alimony, child custody and visitation rights, asset inventory, estate distribution, wills, paternity investigations, adoptions, and socio-affective filiation, among others. 

Our team is prepared to offer solutions that guarantee the well-being of our clients and their families.  


Technology has brought a significant increase in the number of online enterprises. With the emergence of these new companies, new demands also arise in the market. A common point among emerging and easily scalable organizations is the need for legal advice that explains and provides adequate support to business development in an agile, risky, and uncertain environment characterized by familiarity with technology and digital platforms.

To assist the new companies, we created a multidisciplinary team for the service of startups. This team brings together market experience and advisory and litigation advisory techniques of successful cases to help entrepreneurs understand the scenario of Brazilian legislation and assess the possible risks that might arise in the business.

The main goal of our team is to analyze conflicts and help each client to understand business models by offering a legal consultancy that illustrates what is needed in each fundamental segment, be it contracts, corporate, tax and/or regulatory requirements.


Always attentive to new business models and legislation, our Labor Law department specializes in both Labor and Employment Law. We have specialists in areas such as engineering; medicine and occupational safety and health; sports law; outsourcing; and workers’ compensation lawsuits, among others. We are thorough and presentact in the Public Prosecutor's Offices and Regional Courts throughout the country. 

The high quality of our work achieves excellent results in lawsuits and administrative proceedings. We take care of each proceeding individually to provide the best legal solution to our clients' problems, acting in a dedicated manner at all stages of the process.  

We are thorough and work in the Attorneys and Regional Courts throughout the country. In addition, we have specialists in topics such as Engineering, Medicine and Occupational Safety, Sports Law, Outsourcing, indemnity claims arising from accidents at work, among others. 

​​In addition to our excellence as litigators, we focus on prevention to avoid contingent liabilities. ​We combine our own technology with Artificial Intelligence, which helps us identify the root cause of our clients’ issues and present highly specialized, creative, and innovative solutions for clients’ decision-making process. 

We know and understand the importance of process management for companies and, therefore, we have an office of legal controllership that is responsible for all non-legal procedures, focused on the system of procedural monitoring, and divided by specialized centers, including: registration, progress reports, payments and closure. This office is also responsible for the preparation of management reports and audits.

The Labor Law department is a partnership of people, and our staff is our greatest asset. We continue to achieve excellence thanks to the constant qualification of our professional staff. Our staff, combined with our experience in the market, allows us to integrate developing labor and employment laws with the needs of our clients.


Our tax law department utilizes initiative, excellence, and solid experience in the market to solve the tax-related issues that affect companies. Our attorneys analyze related daily corporate lawsuits nationwide, and they are ready to provide an expert legal opinion on tax law that will bring positive and relevant results to various segments of the economy.  

As we know, changes in tax law are constant. Thus, the partners in this area are always up to date with all legislative changes, including understanding the original law and the reason for its amendments. We work hard to anticipate and identify the cases that are potentially harmful to our clients. In this way, we can reduce our clients’ exposure to potential dangers.  

Our work is carefully focused on our clients’ issues and is, therefore, specific and, in many cases, unique and unprecedented. Each legal claim or lawsuit is analyzed meticulously so that not only the best solution for the case is identified, but also the best legal professional with the greatest expertise in a client’s particular area is assigned to work with the client.  

Our legal team sets the benchmark in Administrative and Judicial Litigation, especially in cases that involve issues related to direct and indirect taxes. Our team offers great know-how in the administration of federal, state, and municipal tax liabilities. Our team also identifies and evaluates the opportunities of tax savings to generate cash flow for clients in various sectors.